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EDMupdate work with international DJs, labels, artists, producers & more. We offer you our time and resources to help promote your brand around the Internet. We work directly with you in order to help you increase your online exposure through digital marketing and social networking. We strive to become a well established, reputable business by providing a good, reliable service to those who need it most! And best of all, EDMupdate provides Free Publicity!

Kelly Dayus-Cook (Director – SLK Associates Limited): EDMupdate has been a pleasure to work with, they help us spread the news about our artists far and wide! We’re always impressed with how quick they turn things around and as they continue to support us and our clients, we will continue to support them!

Tim Stark (Director – Stark Profiles PR): EDMupdate is among the most exciting portals to hit the music web in the last 12 months. Their content is varied and is always published super-fast, making them great to work with!

Press Releases:

EDMupdate is famous for their ‘Speed of Light’ way of work, magically converting your press release to a work-of-art feature on our website in no time. We understand that we work in a fast-pased branch where there is no time to lose and where artists need to connect to their fans in a fast and direct way.

Feel free to send us your Press Releases: info@edmupdate.com


EDMupdate also reviews your latest EP’s, Singles and Albums, with our unique style we promiss you we deliver a one of a kind in-depth review. Promoted on site and throughout our social networks, your review will be immediately spotted and be read by our readers

Some examples of our previous work:

Andy Moor – Zero Point One
Hotfingers Moves vol.1
Digitally Enhanced vol.5
Paul van Dyk – Evolution
Anjunadeep 04
Many more …


Not only do we research before compiling our interviews, but, also ensure we develop a connection between artist and fan, our focus is you, and our goal is to promote everything about you as an artist. However, we respect our readers and compile informative interviews that make a great read, as opposed to only targeting and selling your product / brand. We feel this approach is the best way and the only way to succeed.

Some examples of our previous work:

Exclusive Interview: Andrew Rayel
Exclusive Interview: Aly & Fila
Exclusive Interview: Richard Durand
Exclusive Interview: Judge Jules
Many more …


An event is the ultimate way to promote and roadtest your latest music releases to the masses. EDMupdate is well equiped to report every event it is challenged with, armed with our camera’s we can offer you a high-end report with photo coverage

Some examples of our previous work:

Dance Valley 2012
ASOT 600 Den Bosch


Matt Caldwell (PR Manager – SLK Associates Limited): EDMupdate are always among the first of the online EDM blogs and websites to turn our press releases into features. In a fast paced environment when dealing with lots of artists and brands, it’s always nice to know that the better blogs keep up with our work rate, and EDMupdate is definitely one of them.

Wilf Libgott (Director – Hammarica Management & PR): EDMupdate is a fairly new site in the blog-o-sphere of dance music. Yet, they quickly established themselves as one of the top destinations for up-to-date dance music news. Other than having the latest news, interviews and a very slick design, the team behind EDMupdate is very professional. It’s always a pleasure working with them!

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