Exclusive Interview: The Futuristic Polar Bears

In 2010 they merged together and started a new fresh breed of Polar Bears, the one’s with guns and lasers! The Futuristic Polar Bears didn’t wondered the earth but they immediately burst onto the EDM scene, leaving a trail of huge releases including their massive club smash ‘Freakin’ on the mighty ‘Subliminal Records’ alongside Jason Herd. With their devestating force of House Music they are smashing dance-clubs all over the globe and are a prime example that hard work, raw talent and a good looking band-name for posters are
key-points for progressing in the industry.

So we thought it was time to have a chat with these well evolved Polar Bears.


Hi Guys, how are you all doing?
(Rhys) We’re good thanks, we’ve just finished off some new projects for the summer. Can’t wait to road test them over the coming weeks.

First of all, how did you all become producers?
(Luke) I was originally a drummer, Rhys is a classically trained pianist and Fran used to teach music technology back in Dublin. We all made the natural progression to production.

In 2010 you teamed-up, how were you careers before this merger?
(Fran) Myself and Luke were working with Kid Massive for Audiodamage Records before hand and Rhys was producing under the name “Stefano Azati” and was releasing on the likes of CR2.

You’re having an exciting year in 2012 – can you tell us more about it?
(Luke) Yeah 2012 is shaping up nicely so far! We’ve had some great releases on Hotfingers, 303Lovers and Caballero as well as some fantastic gigs playing alongside the likes of D.Ramirez, Riva Starr, EDX and Tocadisco. The Highlight so far has to be our collaboration with Fatboy Slim on his Get Naked release. Watching the crowd go mad at Ultra Music Festival in Miami as he dropped it peak time in his set was a proud moment for all of us.

How was it to work together with Fatboy Slim on “Get Naked”?
(Fran) It came about by chance, Fatboy Slim was supporting our 2011 version of “Circus Bells” we’d done and all of sudden we got an email out of the blue from Norman saying “here’s a link to a bootleg I’ve done of your track”. The reaction on it was massive and we agreed to make it official.

Do you have much planned in the near future from a production perspective?
(Rhys) We’ve just finished records for Pacha, Milk & Sugar and My Digital Enemy’s new label Zulu Records. We are also working with K-Klass and Antranig from the USA on a couple of new projects, which we are very excited about. Finally we are very honoured to have been asked by Loopmasters to produce a new sample pack. It’s always something we’ve wanted to do and its great to finally get the opportunity to make one.

How are your standpoints about the current way of selling you music? Is it the right way to go?
(Fran) With technology like it is, MP3 selling sites like Beatport/Traxsource/iTunes is the only way to go at the minute. I just wish somebody would bring in something or governments pass a law to stop all the illegal file sharing – it’s ruining music.

Do you think that bringing EDM music to U.S.A. is a bad thing?
(Luke) I can only see it as a good thing, it opens up new avenues and opportunities that once weren’t there. There’s a lot of talent emerging from the states now as well.

Where and what is your favourite club on earth?
(Luke) for me it’s a beach party in Mexico called “Fiesta En La Playa”  @ Mezzanine in Tulum. I’ve had some great times playing there.
(Fran) Lush, Portrush, N.Ireland. So many great nights playing there over the years, the crowds are awesome.
(Rhys) Sankeys in Manchester was cool. 1st time I played there I was like “wow” the sound system is phat and the crowd are always up for it.

What’s the most memorable moment of your career?
(Fran) Our first major label that we signed to with the polar bears was Morillo’s Subliminal Records. That was a pretty special feeling.

If you could play at any place in the world, where would it be?
(Luke) For me it’d have to be Green Valley in Brazil, the videos look amazing, plus I really want to visit Brazil.
(Fran) Zouk in Singapore for me. I visited it a few years ago and was blown away. Definitely would love to play there.
(Rhys) Papaya Beach Club in Croatia looks pretty special. Open-air venues are always amazing to play at and we’ve heard so many great things about the place.

Check out The Futuristic Polar Bears working the crowd at Amplified Sessions with Riva Star

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