Review: Digitally Enhanced vol. 5

Recently I received a copy of a very special album in my mailbox. I think it’s one of the most important releases of this year. An album where many trance lovers were waiting for. I think most of you already know where this is about. The fith compilation in the Digitally Enhanced series. As always mixed by the label owner of Enhanced Will Holland. And according to the tracklist on the backside of the album it contains a lot of brand new tracks! After listening to this release a few times I felt ready to write this review.

CD one:

The first disk start with a track by Will Holland featuring Jeza, called “Every Heartbeat” the Intro Mix by Beat Service. A melodic track with beautifull vocals and a good dose of beats. A great track to start this mix. The first track connects seamlessly with the next track. A brand new track by Beat Service called “Mars”. Another melodic track with a powerfull beats and bassline. What me hit the most in this track are the peaceful melodic piano parts. But no time to put it on repeat this time. Because there are a lot of other interesting tunes on the first disk.

While the beat goes through, another track already started to play. “The Reach”by Audien. A great track to prepare the listeners of this CD for the absolute bomb that is coming up. The Moar levi Club Mix of “Hold On”. A track by Ignas with the vocals of Julie Thompson. A track full of beats and bass. Ready to destroy the dancefloor. After this track the beats suddenly drops down. And the next track start peacefull. But after a few seconds the beat start again with some influence of dupstep. And a robotic voice sample. It’s “Nothing But Less Than Three” by Juventa. Followed by the the Norin & rad Remix of a vocal track by Exostate “Easily I Fell”. And again a great remix by this duo. Another proof that they are still on fire!

The next track on the track list is another remix by Maor Levi. It’s “Safari”by Ost & Meyer. For me this track already become a classic. The quiet parts are perfectly combined with the parts with a strong beat, powerful bass line and compelling melody. Another true dancefloor killer on this disk. Track number eight on this album is another track by Norin & Rad. This time it’s not a remix but a brand new track produced by this young talents best known from their track “Bloom”. A track they released in 2011 on Anjunabeats.

After Norin & Rad’s “Retrograde” we continue with “When You” by The Madison. This track starts with a lovely break with relaxing vocals. But shapes up perfectly to  a more powerfull melody.  The American producer Falcon is responsible for the tenth track on this disk. The track is called “Parallax” and is one of Falcon’s more melodic and progressive productions.

The end of the first disk contains 3 great vocal tracks. Starting with a remix by Mike Shiver of Tritonal’s “Everafter”. The original mix of this track is absolutly beautiful. But does’nt contain any beats. Mike Shiver perfectly translated this peaceful track into a “danceable” version. The second vocal track on the end of this disk is the Estiva remix of “Love Is Strong” by C-Systems & Jo Micali with the unique vocals of Hanna Finsen. Followed by a collab between dutchman Steven Baan, better known as Estiva. And vocalist Tania Zygar best known from her collaborations with Arty and TyDI.  Together they deliver a powerfull vocal track with a lovely break and a strong electronic melody.

The last track on this disk is “Azura”, a track by Boom Jinx & Daniel Kandi. Remixed by Rafaël Frost. This track contains a simple but effective melody, Heavy beats and a powerfull electronic bassline. A good track to finish the first disk of this release.

Disk two:

The second disk of this album has a deep red color. I guess it is to warn the listeners for the amazing tracks on this disk. The first track of this mix is a special intro remix by Karanda of Fast Distance’s “Alpine”. A very diverse melodic track. And after this great start we continue with the Johan Malmgren remix of “Keep This Memory” by Audien. And this is one of those melodies that stays in your head for hours. After the sweet strings of this track, “Blind”by Alan Moris & Sequentia starts with loud and pounding beats followd by a sweet, melodic but above all emotional break. The fourth non-vocal track in row on this disk is Store N Forward’s “Oregano”. A tune that fits perfectly with the previous three tracks. But the heavy sounds and strong melody of this tune sweep away, and the first vocals of this disk shows up. And not just some vocals… It’s the new vocal track “Hurricane” by the duo Vast Vison with the vocals of Fisher. And these guys know exactly how to produce a vocal track with Kathleen Fisher. This is the 3th track they do togheter.

After this “Hurricane” we continue with the unique sounds of Daniel Kandi. And he named it: “Insert Generic Title”. A nice title for a track without any lyrics if you ask me. The next song start with a peacefull break with some lovely deep vocals in it. but after the break this song by C-Systems feat. Bushi called “Ari” shapes up to a melodic trance track. From this track we go forwards to a collab between Sequentia & Jaco. They joined their forces to produce “Crossfire”. A track with a few magnificent lifts, and deep beats. Which leads us to the next track on the list “Like these Eyes” produced by Juventa & Answer42. Another non-vocal tune on this disk. A melodic track with a progressive touch. In one word: Fantastic! A bit quick another tune dives in, its Willem de roo “Datamoon”. One of my favorite tracks from this entire album! I think this is one of his best tracks. The beat flows over perfectly and we arrived at another track by Ost & Meyer called “Argentum”. And is like the other tracks on disk two very melodic. This track by Ost & Myer prepares us for the spectacular final of this release.

Still four more tracks to go. Most likely to relax the ears of the listeners of this release after all those pounding beats Will Holland decided to choose Suncatcher’s “Welcome Home” as the next song. The perfect track to dream away. The strings in this track easily takes away your thoughts. From Suncatcher we jump over to “Something To Say” A track by Stonevalley with the vocals of shannon Hurley. A nice vocal track with some rockin’ progressive parts. On the Temple One remix of Deepwide “Lacuna” the melody become slower. But the beat is still doing his job.

The last masterpiece on the second and last disk of this album is Suncatcher’s Digitally Enhanced Outro Remix of Tritonal’s “Still With Me” with again the angel voice of Cristina Soto. Another remix of a track from their artist album “Piercing the Quiet”. Just like the Original Mix of Tritonal’s “Everafter” is the Original Mix of Still With Me a quiet and peacefull song. But this remix is the perfect song to close a massive set. And a the perfect choise to pick this one as the last track of Digitally Enhanced Vol. 5.


Digitally Enhanced Vol. 5 can’t miss in the collection of a true fan of Trance Music. Volume 5 fits perfectly to the other four releases in the Digitally Enhanced series. This release brings you the latest “pearls” mixed perfectly together by Will Holland. And is worth every single penny!

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