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Seven Lions and Hilda Release New Track “Easy Lover”

Electronic music enthusiasts can now indulge in the latest collaboration between Seven Lions and vocalist Hilda, titled “Easy Lover”. The track is now available on Casablanca Records.

In a statement on X, Seven Lions explained that “Easy Lover” was created during a period of creative experimentation, using a vast array of analog gear to explore new production techniques. Hilda, a singer-songwriter known for her work with Don Diablo and Lost Kings, brings her powerful vocals to the track, adding an emotive layer to the electronic soundscape.

Hilda has made a name for herself in the music industry, having worked with a variety of artists, including K-pop superstars BTS and IVE, as well as Scandi darlings like Jada, Astrid S, and Dagny. She has also collaborated with emerging pop artists and has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest as a songwriter.

“Easy Lover” marks a new chapter in Seven Lions’ discography, showcasing his ability to experiment and adapt to new styles while maintaining his signature electronic sound. The track is now available to stream and purchase on Casablanca Records.

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