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Le Youth, Otherwish, and LeyeT release new track “every-little-part”

Le Youth, Otherwish, and LeyeT have teamed up for a new melodic house track titled “every-little-part,” now available on Lane 8’s esteemed label, This Never Happened. The collaboration brings together the distinctive styles of three renowned artists, each contributing their unique touch to create a compelling auditory experience.

Le Youth, whose real name is Wes Quinonez, has built a reputation for his melodic house music, gaining widespread recognition with his breakthrough track “Cool.” Known for his captivating productions and monthly radio show, Le Youth’s latest works continue to showcase his evolving sound. His debut album, Reminders, released in 2022, solidified his position in the electronic music scene.

Joining Le Youth on this track is Otherwish, an alias used by DC-based Ben Gorvine, better known as IHF. Gorvine has captivated audiences with his atmospheric electronic music since his 2014 Floating EP. His 2016 track “Evolve” gained prominence through a Google ad campaign during the Olympics, demonstrating his ability to blend electronic and indie elements seamlessly.

LeyeT, pronounced “light,” completes the trio with her alternative-pop influence. Known for her emotionally charged lyrics and impactful songwriting, LeyeT has carved out a niche in the music industry with singles that have topped various charts and received significant streaming support. She also leads the Los Angeles Songwriters Collective (LASC) and its women-focused chapter LAS(she), fostering a supportive community for songwriters.

“every-little-part” combines the strengths of these three artists, offering listeners a rich, melodic journey. The track’s release on This Never Happened underscores its quality and the artists’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

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