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Danny Howard featuring Pryce Oliver – Feel It (Release: 3rd Sept 2012)

What a year it is to be Danny Howard, from enthusiastic grafter to heir apparent to the Radio One Dance DJ Throne – this artist is coming hard and fast and shows no signs of letting up or falling flat. Already with a string of productions and headline remixes under his belt, as well as non-stop global touring, and his Radio One Dance Show, the future of Dance could be in the hands of Danny Howard – with his work ethic, love of all things House, there is no-one better suited to handle future superstar status.
With his first release for Pacha, Danny Howard delivers a main-room monster of a track, a mix of house/progressive beats and an infectious vocal to drive it all home “Feels Good” is a classic in the making.
Danny’s own main room mix does all it should do – it rocks!!!! – the bass lines could probably break the speakers if not handled with care! – the vocal lends a sense of euphoria and the arrangement is hand-crafted for major DJ use.
On the remixes we have “Syx Ibiza Collective” aided and abetted by collaborators “Peter Brown”, “John Jacobsen” and “Denis Naidanow”, each mix offering a different variety of House Sounds.
“Syx Ibiza Collective ft Peter Brown” goes to the main-room/peak-hour territory of recent remixes delivered for “Thomas Gold – Hypnotized” and “Umek – Carbon Occasions”, peaking snares explode on to a funky-ass bass line that pins the room under the beat of the track, vocals laid on top for euphoric peak house reach for the sky heaven.
“Sys Ibiza Collective ft John Jacobsen” goes the route of “pure House” for “pure House Djs”, quick tempo triplet percussion behind a solid rhythmic beat, classic stabbing keys, cut up vocals leading to the full vocal proper. A dynamic arrangement leading to a minimal drop, almost accapella only vocal, and then it all builds back up to a hypnotic rhythmic funky house groove for serious dance floor bliss.
“Sys Ibiza Collective ft Denis Naidanow” goes back to a more funky-groove-beat, an added keyboard riff to lighten the mood over the top of some seriously slapped out percussion beats, vocal loops and sonic effects – perfect for afterhours, hazing and phasing dance music at its best.
Danny Howard is the man for tomorrow, start supporting his rise to superstardom today!

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