Vocalist Susana Releases Album “Brave” on May 25!


It’s been nearly ten years since the world was first introduced to the powerful but warm voice of Dutch vocalist Susana and now she’s set to release her sophomore album “Brave” on May 25. The songstress collaborated with some of the world’s most talented producers, Max Graham, Aurosonic, Ernesto vs Bastian, Leon Bolier, Shogun, Alexander Popov, Daniel Kandi and many more. From the deep and darker shades of progressive, lush and easy-flowing ambient to the uplifting melodic touch of trance, there’s no genre in dance that can’t carry the voice of Susana.

One of Armada’s hottest talents, Shogun brings his signature sound of sweeping melodies and emotional undertones to the track ‘Only You.’ Beatsmedia reviews, “A track garnering much attention right now is ‘Only You’ with Andrew Chen aka Shogun. Shogun injects a big shot of emotions, which offer up a hearty break while highlighting the soulful expressions in the lyrics. However, as fully expected Shogun goes on to whisk up the tempo and uncover a strong production intent on moving the floor.”

Pre-Order this release:

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