Stand well back, Ninjury attack!

Dark clouds descended on that day, the day a famous DJing duo went missing. Rumours began to weed their way through the land, mutterings of kidnap, nighttime alien abductions and ghoulish bloody endings swept like a grey mist through the streets of EDM.

Then one autumnal evening, out of the foggy valleys, a mysterious pairing appeared. They came from another world, dressed all in black, not a word was spoken as they approached the altar of electronic music with heads bowed, respect obvious.

With a tremendous spark of lightening and a crack of cataclysmic bass filled thunder the skies opened to reveal a name… a logo… a seconding coming.

They had returned. Ninjury was unleashed.

Set upon this world to bring earth shattering beats, roaring bass lines and top lines powerful enough to inflict whiplash. Ninjury will break into clubs, attack the dance floors and pelt the crowds with a barrage of BPMs that will boil the blood in your veins and heighten your senses.

Ninjury have arrived, brace yourselves.


On Friday November 2nd… Ninjury took hold at the world-renowned Warehouse Project. In a city famed for its founding influence in EDM, where acid house was born, where electronic music was nurtured. No other city could have produced a night like WHP or an artist like Ninjury. This was a match made in dance music legends.

Listen to their live mix now, but be prepared… the bass will penetrate –

Recorded live at Warehouse Project, Manchester on Friday night.

1. Justin Martin – “Ruff Stuff” [Dirty Bird]
2. Worthy – “Shy Look” (Ninjury Remix) [Dirty Bird]
3. Hijack & Jeff Doubleu – “Queens Bridge” [Jack Union]
4. Eats Everything – “Hevvie” [Southern Fried]
5. Kabale Und Liebe- “Hiphouse” [Rejected]
6. Dino Lenny vs Hardrive – “A Dj Deep Inside” (Shadow Child Remix) [Strictly Rhythm]
7. Kil Frenzy – “Hurt Somebody” [Anabatic]
8. Claude Vonstroke – “Who’s Afraid of Detroit” [Dirty Bird]
9. Nick Monaco – “Nicks Episode” (Ardalan Remix) [Anabatic]
10. Kill Frenzy – “Booty Clap” [Dirty Bird]
11. Claude Vonstroke – “Beat That Bird” [Dirty Bird]
12. Ninjury – Wishbone [Applique Music]
13. Justin Jay – “How Goes The Dynamite” [Dirty Bird]
14. Yankee Zulu – “Toma” (Camel Remix) [Anabatic]
15. Tricky Disco – “Tricky Disco” (The Martin Brothers Remix) [iO Music]
16. Adam Port – “Sally” [Play It Down]
17. Justin Martin & Ardalan – “Lezgo” [Dirty Bird]
18. Justin Martin & Ardalan – “Mr Spock” [Dirty Bird]
19. Shadow Child – “String Thing” [Dirty Bird]
20. Ninjury – “Bird House” [Applique Music]
21. Claude Vonstroke – “Big N Round” [Dirty Bird]
22. Ninjury – “The Strength” [Applique Music]

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