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Pre-order: Emma Hewitt – Burn The Sky Down (Deluxe Version)

With the release of her debut album, Emma Hewitt has made the world a little more colorful. ‘Burn The Sky Down’ fuses ambient and pop with electronic music, each track revealing a new side of the multi-talented songstress. While taking the listener on an eclectic ride into her private universe, Emma’s warm voice lights the sky and shows exactly why the world is ready for her.

Having worked with EDM’s producer elite and winning the ‘Best Hi-NRG/Euro Track’ award at the International Dance Music Awards of 2010 with Dash Berlin collaboration ‘Waiting’, has made Emma Hewitt one of the fastest rising names in dance land. Her characteristic and versatile voice became a favorite both in and outside the EDM scene. Outstanding live performances and acoustic sessions make her a universal crowd favorite.

After the original release, it’s now time for ‘Burn The Sky Down’ to take listeners even deeper into the world of Emma Hewitt with the must-have Deluxe Version album. The Deluxe Version features all single releases in their atmospheric and down-tempo form as well as the full remix album which pays homage to Emma’s trance and progressive roots with stunning remixes by Armin van Buuren, Cosmic Gate, Morgan Page, tyDi, Venom One, Shogun, Arnej and Dabruck & Klein to name a few. The Deluxe Version also features exclusive and stunning live acoustic versions and official music videos. Bursting with touching lyrics, strong vocals and heart-rending melodies, this is Emma Hewitt in full flight.


  1. Emma Hewitt – Burn The Sky Down (01:43)
  2. Emma Hewitt – Colours (04:01)
  3. Emma Hewitt – Miss You Paradise (03:31)
  4. Emma Hewitt – These Days Are Ours (03:47)
  5. Emma Hewitt – Foolish Boy (04:15)
  6. Emma Hewitt – Rewind (03:20)
  7. Emma Hewitt – Still Remember You (Stay Forever) (04:22)
  8. Emma Hewitt – Can’t Turn Around Now (01:50)
  9. Emma Hewitt – Crucify (03:50)
  10. Emma Hewitt – This Picture (03:31)
  11. Emma Hewitt – State That I’m In (02:34)
  12. Emma Hewitt & 16 Bit Lolitas – Circles (05:55)
  13. Emma Hewitt – Colours (Armin van Buuren Radio Edit) (02:41)
  14. Emma Hewitt – Miss You Paradise (Shogun Remix Radio Edit) (03:28)
  15. Emma Hewitt – These Days Are Ours (Antillas & Dankann Radio Edit) (04:03)
  16. Emma Hewitt – Foolish Boy (Ivan Gough & Luke Chable Album Edit) (04:35)
  17. Emma Hewitt – Rewind (Mikkas Radio Edit) (03:35)
  18. Emma Hewitt – Crucify (Arnej Radio Edit) (04:14)
  19. Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt – Be Your Sound (Live Acoustic Version) (03:41)
  20. Emma Hewitt – Carry Me Away (Live Acoustic Version) (03:03)

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