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Out Now: Qapital Compilation mixed by B-Front & Adaro

When looking at the oldest manuscripts in the world, there was one date that was mentioned repeatedly: the 21st of December 2012. Later on this date would also be known as the end of the world, judgement day or the apocalypse. A date that would spiral our world into destruction or send our planet into a whole new Era.

Luckily for us, human race is anything but extinct in these early stages of 2013, but that doesn’t mean these old documents were wrong. A new Era is among us and soon a new generation will rise! We will be united by the universal language of music and create a new code of conduct for future generations. On the 6th of April 2013 these people came together at the Ziggodome, Amsterdam and celebrated the first edition of Qapital and launched a new Era of music!

Experience or relive this extra-ordinary event with the compilation ‘Qapital’! Mixed together by heroes of the scene; B-Front and Adaro, who have captured the atmosphere of this brand new event, perfectly into sound. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that both artists were also chosen to create the Qapital 2013 anthem: ‘Worth Fighting For’, one of the many blasting tracks on this compilation.

The compilation ‘Qapital’ is available now in your local CD store or digitally at iTunes:

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01. B-Front & Adaro – Worth Fighting For (Official Qapital 2013 Anthem)
02. Artic – We Get Raw
03. Zany – Causing Hysteria
04. Bass Modulators & Frequencerz – Bring Back The Funk
05. Noisecontrollers – Trick or Treat
06. B-Front – Undiscovered
07. Digital Punk – Oblivion
08. Ran-D – Never Scared
09. Donkey Rollers – Total Domination
10. Adaro & Digital Punk – Natural Born Killers
11. B-Front & Frequencerz – Delusion
12. E-Force – Crucifix
13. Jack Overdose – Octavius Augustus (Zany remix)
14. Titan – Born To Fight
15. Gunz For Hire – The Massacre
16. B-Front & Frequencerz – One of a Kind (feat. MC Nolz)
17. Chain Reaction – The Record Breaking
18. Crypsis & Adaro – Another Shit Track
19. Prefix & Density – Soundwaves
20. Thera – The Breaking Point

01. Frontliner feat. Nikkita – Death of A Demon
02. Coone & B-Front – Fearless 2012
03. Slim Shore & Focuz – Wauw!
04. Titan – My Angel
05. Phrantic – Open Your Mind
06. Ran-D vs. Zatox – Hectic
07. DJ Duro – Cocaine MF (Alpha2 Remix)
08. Gunz for Hire – Bolivia
09. B-Front – Mysterias
10. Chain Reaction – Like A Boss
11. Digital Punk & B-Front – Spectral
12. B-Front & Frequencerz – Fatality
13. Digital Punk & Crypsis – Radiant
14. Solutio & The I’s – Mistress
15. E-Force & Luna – Masterclass
16. Degos & Re-Done – Nothing Is What It Seems
17. Crypsis & B-Front – Universe
18. Chris One – Revelations
19. Dark Oscillators – Trapped (Titan Remix)
20. Chris One and The Machine – Different kind of Therapy (Different mix)
21. Endymion – Make Some Noise

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