Out Now: Livelectric & Fidde Stigsson – ‘Beautiful World’

Its out, exclusive on Beatport!! Livelectric & Fidde Stigsson – Beautiful World, what a smashing vocal house tune. “Beautiful world” is a melodic house release with unique vocals talking about modern slavery and actual problems in the world. It was written by the Swedish singer Simon Ericsson and produced with Fidde Stigsson. After the releases of All 2-gether in love, Sensations and Wild Out, Livelectric produce this time a clubbing track that will the people will not forget so fast after listen and see the cover. Its time to open the eyes!!
Livelectric are an electrifying and innovative addition in the world of clubbing entertainment. Livelectric is a collective of stunning female model DJs and musicians. Livelectric is with their LED and Laser instruments/show one of worldwide leading live club acts.

Lyrics of Beautiful World:
Little girls working on the streets
Little boys fighting for there needs
Waiting for a another way to come
Broken hearts hiding in the dark
Far away from a rescue call
Waiting for a sun to show
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