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Josh Wink Celebrates 30 Years of Ovum Recordings with New Single “The Deepness”

Renowned electronic music producer Josh Wink is marking a major milestone with the release of his new single “The Deepness”, which kicks off the 30th anniversary celebrations of his influential Ovum Recordings imprint.

The single, released on May 17th, is a seven-minute epic that showcases Wink’s ability to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories. The track features driving rhythms, spacey breakdowns, and a sensual, organic style that sets it apart from his previous work.

Wink, who has been a driving force in electronic dance music for over three decades, says he wanted to step out of his comfort zone with “The Deepness” and create something special. “I always want to grow, push myself, and move into new areas of musical expression and creativity,” he explained.

The single is part of a forthcoming two-track EP, with more music and special global tour dates planned for the coming months. Wink will be taking Ovum on tour globally this Spring/Summer, including his annual “Winkdown” in Philadelphia in April and Carl Cox’s “Birthday On The Beach” in Brighton this July.

Stream “The Deepness” here!

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