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Hannah – Falling Away

After the grand success of the Armin van Buuren remix of Hannah’s ‘Falling Away’, it’s now time to let the original and other remixes kick in! Enjoy the house, trance and prog-interpretations of Loverush UK, Protoculture and Digital Dog!

2011 has been a year of musical exploration for London based Hannah Ild, Estonia’s national treasure who proudly lays claim to no less than seven album releases in her homeland in the last decade. A classically trained pianist and singer / songwriter, her intensifying love of electronic music has seen her working with a highly credible and impressive range of dance producers from across the globe. Her latest single ‘Falling Away’ is a perfect example of her versatile sound.

If the original doesn’t kick in hard enough, there’s always the maddening trance remix of Armin van Buuren, the contagious and highly danceable Loverush UK remix, deep prog-trancy interpretation of Protoculture and smooth, electric Digital Dog remix!


  1. Falling Away (Radio Edit) (03:12)
  2. Falling Away (Armin van Buuren Remix) (07:45)
  3. Falling Away (Loverush UK Airplay Mix) (03:03)
  4. Falling Away (Loverush UK Club Mix) (07:32)
  5. Falling Away (Protoculture Remix) (06:40)
  6. Falling Away (Digital Dog Remix) (06:22)
  7. Falling Away (Digital Dog Dub) (06:07)


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