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Free Download: Nervo & Hook ‘N’ Sling – ‘Reason’ (Sevag Remix)

Considered to be one of the hottest vocal tracks to drop in recents months, Nervo & Hook ‘N’ Sling’s ‘Reason’ has been an unprecedented chart topper found in many leading DJ’s arsenals. Despite numerous attempts by various producers to properly remix the intoxicating vocal, it has been very hard to find an original rework that is truly creative and outside the realm of typical until now. One of dance music’s brightest upcoming talents, Sevag, offers up his first production of the new year and it couldn’t be with any more style. Described by EDM NYC as a remix that ‘changes the whole vibe of the track and makes it a heavy-hitting dance floor progressive banger’, Sevag’s eclectic reboot clearly displays the young DJ’s ability to showcase his sound while maintaining the best elements of the original. Rather than providing another big room anthem-esque remix, Sevag infuses tribal elements he grew up on while still providing the energetic progressive components necessary to have club goers going crazy. In an effort to say ‘thanks’ to his many supporters, Sevag has also decided to make this remix available for free download. With 2013 promising much more to be seen and heard from the very talented futurestar, this boundary pushing remix is guaranteed to please a wide array of ‘EDM’ enthusiasts.

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