Exclusive Interview with RAM @ ASOT 600 Den Bosch

Ram Boon, better known as RAM is a DJ/Producer from The Netherlands. He didn’t play at ASOT 600 Den Bosch, but came to Den Bosch to see the performance of his colleague’s. We were very pleased to speak with RAM at ASOT 600 Den Bosch, and did a quick interview with him, and asked him about his productions, future plans and many more!

Enjoy! 😉

The Interview:

Armin played a lot of your tracks in his radio show. What did this mean to your career?
A State of Trance is one of the biggest radio show’s on earth. And Armin did a lot for me. Especially for my track RAMsterdam, he played that track a lot back in 2009. He even called it one of the best tracks of 2009!

There are weekly more than 20 million listeners for A State of Trance. Are we right if we say that it’s the best PR you can get as a Trance DJ/Producer?
Yes, every label hopes their track get played on ASOT. If Armin plays your track, you can be sure everyone heard of it.

Which hard/software do you use to produce your music?
I use Logic or Cubase.  And it’s always a creative idea, and the flow that determined the final result.

What inspires you during the production of new music?
I always have a lot of ideas and ingredients  to create a new track!

What is your favorite part of the production process?
The final touch. To create the melody and make everything fit together is the hardest part. But to finish a track is the best part if you ask me. Or adding the X-Factor to a track as I call it!

With which other artist would you like to do an collab?
It would be great to do a track with Armin, haha! Than you can be sure it’s a great track that gets a lot of attention. But it would also be great to do an collab with Aly & Fila. Because I’m a big fan of Uplifting Trance.

How long does it take to produce a new track?
It depends on the flow I’m in. It’s possible to finish a track within a few days. Sometimes you have to wait a few days until you know how to finish it.

Do you have anything in the pipeline for the next few months?
Yes, a lot of nice things! Collaborations with Betsie Larkin, Sied van Riel, Sean Tyas and Team Bastian. And a few of my own productions on AVA Recordings!

A lot of famous DJ’s are from The Netherlands. Do you have any idea why?
The Dutch are very pioneering, and we like to push the boundaries.  We have a lot of big parties here and everything has to be perfect before people say it was a great party!

What do you see as the highlights of your musical career?
Closing the Amsterdam Uitmarkt at the museamplein (60.000 people) together with my colleague. That was great!

Is there something you really want to do once in your life?
It would be amazing to play at the Mainstage during Electric Daisy Carnival for 200.000 people!

What’s next for DJ RAM?
A lot of new tracks! And there will be more Grotesque parties! In October we will take over the Maassilo in Amsterdam with 4.000 people, and we will bring Grotesque to other countries in the near future!

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