Exclusive Interview: Manuel de la Mare

The  Tuscan born producer/dj  launched himself and it’s slowing down any second. With amazing awards, fan-base from around the world and two record labels Manuel de la Mare said a big hello to the EDM world. It seems he got a membership on the top chart of Beatport with his tracks  “La Musica Me Hace Mas Feliz”, “Samba De Janeiro”.  

How are you doing?
I am doing great. Working on the construction of my new studio and picking up music for my next gig in NY together with Robbie Rivera.

Your carreer has been straped to a rocked the last years, how does it feel to be on top of the wave?
Thank you for that Rick.I love making music and is a pleasure when other people appreciate what i do, and this recharge me for all the next gigs and studio sessions.

When was the moment that you first started to produce music?
I don’t remember exactly, but for sure was a song of one of my rock bands when i was teenager.

Can you tell us something more about your labels?
303lovers and Hotfingers is me, Alex Kenji and Luigi Rocca plus a great staff that is helping us running our labels, while we are flying around the world for our gigs. This labels was born in 2007 and 2008 from an idea of me and Alex, because we was in desperate need of releasing our music in total freedom. 303lovers is the more underground oriented, you can find there more tech oriented sounding tunes , while Hotfingers is totally house oriented.

You worked together with After Tea on “The White Album” and you made alot of compilations, do you think it’s time for a solo album?
After tea is a name that i use for chill and deep music, last year i did a compilation called Club Around The World that was released physically on Tiger Records. Right now i am working on the next Toolroom Knights Compilation together with Alex Kenji and Luigi Rocca. Very exited about it.

The whole world knows your music and you have played almost around the world. What about an event on one of the arctic poles?
Hah, that will be perfect. Anyone already interested?

You are working alot with Alex Kenji and Luigi Rocca, is there a merger appearing in the horizon?
It is always a pleasure to work with them both and managing our labels 303lovers and Hotfingers together. They are people that i learn from every day. At the moment we are forming a new project called Forza, that had his first performance at Space Ibiza. Was amazing. Check for more news on that soon.

Do you think EDM must be more underground or more commercial?
I think EDM must be how the crowd wants it. As at the end we do all what we do for making people dance. The world is big enough for all tastes, artists and style of music. You just have to pick what sounds better for you.

Playing in your hometown or Playing in Las Vegas?
Las Vegas for sure. I love Hard Rock Las Vegas and can’t wait to get back there every month.

Ferarri or Lamborgini?
Ferrari FF.

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