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DJ Mikas – Timezone (DJ Mikas & DJ Sage Remix)

It’s always a pleasant surprise when DJ Mikas & DJ Sage deliver a new tune, and this time is no different.

Imagine it’s midnight, the convention center is at max capacity, everybody is dancing, but you feel this is only the start of what’s to come later. The lights turn off. Complete darkness. There is a silence.. And then, slowly but surely, the massive laser show pops out of every corner in the hall. That’s exactly the moment you would want to hear the new DJ Mikas & DJ Sage remix of Timezone.

The remix takes it to the next level with a new, fresh approach, leaning to tech-trance. It features more bass, more effects, more clever cuts and a set of breakdowns that will leave everyone in the audience longing for more. As compared to the original, the remix has a more monotone layout; yet, will prove to be the choice of many Djs. Early support for the remix comes from Richard Durand who instantly played the remix in his In Search Of Sunrise radio show.

At the time of writing, the music video for Timezone has reached 193.000+ views on YouTube. For the video, Mikas was able to use footage from famous Japanese videographer Masaya Kitaguchi, also known as Darwinfish105. The video features impressive time lapse shots from some of the most intense places Tokyo has to offer.

DJ Mikas – Timezone (DJ Mikas & DJ Sage Remix) finally hit BeatPort this week and immediately secured a #49 new entry in the Top 100 Trance Chart.

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