Dada Life fan documents one week one the road in Dada Land…things get messy

Ever want to peel back the banana skins and see what life is like on the road for dance music superstars Dada Life? One such opportunity presented itself for lucky fan Nolan who won a contest to go out with Dada Life for one week of shows during their 2012 “Dada Land” Tour.

Armed with a camera (often in full banana costume), Nolan documents the epic motherf**king times and learns the Rules of Dada from the masters. From his nervous first encounter with the band on the tour bus to assisting Dada Life in their destruction of Toronto’s Sound Academy, this video is Nolan’s true life Dada Land experience.

Check out “Dada Land: Episode 1” now exclusively on THUMP and check back for the rest of the four part documentary rolling out every Wednesday through May 22nd

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