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ARTBAT Breathes New Life into The Chemical Brothers’ Classic “Hey Boy Hey Girl”

In a highly anticipated release, Ukrainian duo ARTBAT has remixed The Chemical Brothers’ iconic club classic “Hey Boy Hey Girl”, set to drop on May 24th via Positiva Records. This electrifying rework is sure to send dance floors into a frenzy, as ARTBAT’s signature sound injects new energy into the original’s timeless buzz.

The Chemical Brothers, pioneers of the dance music scene, have been a driving force behind the genre’s evolution. With a string of chart-topping albums and hits, including “Hey Boy Hey Girl”, they have cemented their status as electronic music legends. ARTBAT, on the other hand, has risen to fame with their unique blend of melodic and techno styles, earning them a reputation as one of the most exciting acts in the scene.

The remix retains the original’s core elements, with ARTBAT adding their own layer of synths and textures to create a wall of sound that washes over the dance floor. The iconic vocal hook is unleashed, sending the energy soaring and the roof blowing off.

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