Angry Muffin releases self-titled album ‘Angry Muffin’ on Alpha Milk Recordings

A popular electronic music artist has decided to step behind the curtain and release his first full length album under the alias ANGRY MUFFIN.

Angry Muffin, who as his former personality released music with some of the top electronic labels on the planet, says shielding himself from the public and media will force audiences to listen rather than look. The anonymous artist plans on captivating his followers through music without a public image, hearkening back to a time when glitz and a pretty face were not as important as the music itself.

The album’s opener You Crushed Me sets the tone with relentlessly crushing beats and a solemn Muffin voice. Poison In My Brain steps the tempo up a notch with a sparse, groovy backbeat and an ultra infectious vocoded vocal. A catchy bass riff and a wild, Moroder-esque arpeggio – culminating in a dramatic operatic finale – are the ingredients of the futuristic disco anthem Flipped Out. With I Saw The Demon, Muffin unleashes the rage with an industrial beat, growling synths and a dazzlingly memorable guitar solo. On the seven track album, Angry Muffin collaborates with the talented yet emotionally volatile Firesnake, as well as the beautiful and gifted vocal powerhouse, Victoria Gydov.

To further compliment his new found anonymity, Angry Muffin promises a revamped live show unlike any other electronic act, complete with Andy Warhol inspired backdrops and fully produced live installations. Performances by popular guest musicians, including Angry Muffin himself will round out what promises to be the most talked about live act from Canada.

Angry Muffin’s self-titled debut album is out now on Alpha Milk Recordings and available on every major download portal:

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