Was David Guetta faking his set at Tomorrowland 2012!?

Last year Steve Angello was blamed for “miming” his set at Dance Valley festival. But almost a year later it’s another popular DJ who was caught of faking his Dj-set.

Frenchman David Guetta was playing a banging set at Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium and a lot of people were watching the live broadcast on internet. A few observant people discoverd something really strange. All the volume faders on the mixer were down! But the music was playing out loud!

Check out the video below to see it yourself: (The magic happens around 13:10)

One explanation of faking a DJ-set at such a big festival could be the lightshow. As you can see in the video there is a lot of fireworks, lights and lasers. Maybe this was preprogrammed.

As alway’s there are two sides to a story. Hoppefully David will come with a good explanation for this story. At least, if he want to stay on number one in the DJ Mag top 100 of this year.

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