Vintage & Morelli – Moontech (Incl. Derek Ryan and SNR Mixes)

The world first noticed Vintage & Morelli (one person, oddly enough), for his beautiful bootleg of Above & Beyond’s Ashes, which was featured on numerous TATW episodes.

Now, after flying thousands of miles to Serbia, injecting him with a shot of Adrenalin and sticking him in a room with no food and water for a few days, he produced a wonderful piece of progressive trance for us by the name of MOONTECH. With an ASOT-friendly remix by Derek Ryan, and a “trancestep” remix by SNR that we challenge you to classify, there’s something special about this package.

Track List:

  1. Vintage & Morelli – Moontech (Original Mix)
  2. Vintage & Morelli – Moontech (Derek Ryan Remix)
  3. Vintage & Morelli – Moontech (SNR Remix)

Release Date: March 7th, 2013

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