The Big Game – Free 55 Minutes ‘Break Your Ass’ Mix

The Big Game as the Andrea duo that’s Andrea Quaresima (JfK) and Andrea Rossi (Electron Flow) are a new production team within the Italian dance community they are a part of the Electronicamente Group. Taking an EDM dance sound from Jesi Italy and combining it with different eclectic flavas – great for the clubs and specialized radio shows.

The Big Game was hatched in 2010, breaking ranks from the underground Italian electro scene diversifying in to mainstream dance, urban flavas with a little help from greasy team on i-innovate. There music will encompass every dance scene and every idea the duo have stored through the years. They have now merged these ideas together from Elecropop, Disco Dance to Experimental EDM. Try to tag them with a genre is difficult, it would be like caging their minds in a world where they would be tight! Electronic current, in all its forms and facets possess the essence of their sound, where they can combine and disassemble, create and destroy, distort and modulate all their poisonous ideas.

Download this mix:
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