Susana & Ernesto vs Bastian with Wezz Devall – Brave

Next to talent, practice and hard work, it also takes a lot of courage to be a vocalist at the top. To let yourself be heard and share that inner part that gives sound to music: your voice. If anyone’s brave, it’s Dutch vocalist Susana. No longer is the young talent a featuring. For the follow-up of her debut album ‘Closer’, she features the producers. On ‘Brave’, she enriches, strengthens and fortifies the productions of Max Graham, Leon Bolier, Shogun, Daniel Kandi, Rex Mundi and more.

It’s been nearly ten years since the world was first introduced to the powerful but warm voice of Susana. She is the voice behind some of the biggest hits of Armin van Buuren, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Rex Mundi, The Blizzard and many more. Two years ago, her debut album ‘Closer’ lit the souls of thousands of music lovers. This year, she sets the mark even higher. On ‘Brave’, her distinctive voice, song-writing skills and lyrical feel come together as one.

For ‘Brave’, the songstress collaborated with some of the world’s most talented producers, by the likes of Max Graham, Aurosonic, Ernesto vs Bastian, Leon Bolier, Shogun, Alexander Popov, Daniel Kandi and many more. From the deep and darker shades of progressive, lush and easy-flowing ambient to the uplifting melodic touch of trance, there’s no genre in dance that can’t carry the voice of Susana. With ‘Home’, one of the many jewels on the album, she brings an ode to one of trance’s most beloved classics and shows the world just how big her passion for the genre really is.

‘Brave’ is the next chapter in the impressive career of the favorite vocalist, making sure you hear all about Susana.


01. Susana & Rex Mundi – All Time Low (03:24)
02. Susana & Max Graham – Down To Nothing (03:43)
03. Susana & Ernesto vs Bastian with Wezz Devall – Brave (Susana & Ernesto vs Bastian with Wezz Devall) (03:39)
04. Susana & Beat Service – Different Worlds (03:44)
05. Susana & Aurosonic – Shelter (04:07)
06. Susana & Leon Bolier – Chasing Dreams (03:19)
07. Susana & DNS Project – Not Looking Back (03:20)
08. Susana & Shogun – Only You (03:47)
09. Susana & Alexander Popov – Lean On Me (03:54)
10. Susana & Dark Matters – Home (Daniel Kandi Edit) (04:06)
11. Susana & Ronski Speed – Winter Song (03:04)
12. Susana & Snatt & Vix – Blinded By The Lie (03:52)
13. Susana & Dark Matters with Eller van Buuren – Home (03:24)

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