Sied van Riel reveals the Riel deal

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Let’s hope the apocalypse won’t be happening soon, cause 2012 is shaping up to be one of the most promising years in music. A name that stands out, rising in dance land, is Sied van Riel. In the past 3 years, the charismatic Dutchman has built great reputation through his remixes, originals and DJ sets. At the turn of 2012, we’re proud to welcome Sied to our label and Armada Music Management. With his new single ‘Audio 52’ currently trembling floors and an artist album in the making, we’ve got all reason to name Sied van Riel our Artist of the Week and turn him inside out about his plans for 2012. Read on to find a happy, hard-working producer/DJ, looking forward to a new,music-minded year.


Hey Sied, what’s up? How are you doing and where can we find you today?
Sied:”Good day to you ! I’m currently in the KLM lounge of Montreal intl airport. Just did an Armada night in New York City and an event in Circus Montreal. About to fly back to Amsterdam.”

First off: a very warm welcome to Armada Music once again! That was quite a big step you made in 2011! Time for change?
Sied:”Thank you very much! Well, I’ve always wanted to do more for Armada than remixes, but at the time I wasn’t able to do so. Now I can finally do it. I’m also happy to have Armada Music Management as my management. The collaboration is perfect and I’m lucky to have this!”

You’ve come a long way since winning that ‘Best New Face’ Award in 2008. Do you feel that you’ve outgrown that ‘newbie’ tag, or has EDM land yet to meet the Riel deal?
Sied:”I don’t know to be honest. I’ve done a lot,but at the same time I feel like it’s all just starting out. I’ve had a bit of a rough 2 years when it comes to productions as I was really searching to what it was that I wanted to do. But now everything is sorted for 2012. This is probably why I feel it’s all new,  EDM has yet to meet the riel deal, haha.”

The first release since your signing with Armada Music is ‘Audio 52’, what can you tell us about this dance floor weapon?
Sied:”So far the reactions have been amazing ! A lot of DJ’s are playing it and it really works on the floors. I’m personally very happy with it as again it’s not what some expected maybe. I like to keep things out of the repetitive zone as much as possible. The name is simple. There where 52 audio tracks in the sequencer creating it. 1+1 is 6. Voila.”

Any news about a follow-up yet? A new collab with Ummet Ozcan, or project with W&W perhaps?
Sied:”The follow up is done. Again something else, but I’m now doubting to release a different one first. Not sure yet. When it comes to collaborations, I have no idea yet. I don’t do a lot of them, but maybe it’s time to do one again. W&W would be an interesting choice and something I haven’t done yet. Who knows.”

Your sound ranges from the finer edges of prog to the harder side of tech-trance. Where do you feel most comfortable? Or do you feel comfortable by keeping things diverse?
Sied:”I feel comfortable in the slower regions of edm. Whether it’s trance, prog, tech or deeper housier vibes  with vocals. I’m not shy of doing an up tempo track as well, but I feel like the slower sounds give me more satisfaction when producing it. The sounds get more time to breath and I enjoy that. It kinda depends on my mood tho. And for sure I like to keep things divers as well! With slower I’m talking about anything ranging from 127 to 131-ish.”

What’s the biggest SvR thing we get to enjoy in 2012? An album perhaps?
Sied:”Yes ! An album finally!!! And a lot of MASSIVE events. So far it seems 2012 will be huuuuuuge. The amount of events already confirmed is ridiculous. Never had it like this before.”

Any spoilers you can give away? 😉
Sied:”Spoilers for your car or bike ? Haha. In other words: ‘nope’ :)”

What do the next few months look like when it comes to DJ gigs? Any gigs you’re particularly looking forward to?
Sied:”Yeah NYE with Ferry, ASOT Den Bosch.. that’s gonna be sick. I’m so happy to be part of this again. You have no idea ! Also looking forward to Miami in March. I’m taking January off to produce more music. The rest I can’t tell yet. But trust me it’s gonna be soooo much fun!!”

Last but not least: what’s your new year’s resolution for 2012?
Sied:”Bigger, better, stronger tracks. I want to release a lot of new music. I’m planning to stay healthy, hope this works out. And I’m gonna enjoy every single minute of the coming year. Music wise and also on a private level as well. I intend to spend more time with my small family.”

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