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Porter Robinson’s Latest Single “Russian Roulette” Offers a Glimpse into Upcoming Album

Porter Robinson has released his latest single, “Russian Roulette”, a haunting hyperpop anthem that showcases his signature alt-pop style. The song is the third promotional single from his highly-anticipated third studio album, SMILE! :D, set to release on July 26th via Mom+Pop.

The single’s release follows the success of his previous single, “Knock Yourself Out”, which debuted in April 2024. “Russian Roulette” features a blend of dark and bubbly hyperpop soundscapes, with Robinson’s signature production style taking center stage. The lyrics are raw and emotive, exploring themes of existential crisis, depression, and the importance of living in the present moment.

Throughout his career, Porter Robinson has demonstrated a willingness to evolve and change his sound, and “Russian Roulette” is no exception. The song’s production is a masterclass in contrast, with Robinson’s hyperpoppian synths and candy-coated beats creating a sense of detachment and optimism. A standout moment comes when he references his fan-favorite hit, “Sad Machine”, adding a layer of depth to the track.

As fans eagerly await the release of SMILE! :D, the first 3 tracks has become stuck on repeat, showcasing Robinson’s ability to craft infectious and memorable melodies. Fans can now pre-order tickets to Porter Robinson’s first-ever world tour, set to kick off in late-August 2024.

We’re excited to see what the future holds for this electronic music icon and are looking forward to the release of SMILE! :D. With “Russian Roulette” growing on us, we’re confident that the new album will be a game-changer!

Stream “Russian Roulette” now and get ready for the release of SMILE!

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