Porter Robinson gives away exclusive bootleg pack!

Porter Robinson is one of the fast rising stars in electro-house and dubstep. The guy best known of his tracks “Language” and “Spitfire” is definitely on fire. Recently he started a small contest on his Facebook page. The question? Wich of his Bootleg/Mashups to share if his picture was shared 400 times. And guess what? Within 22 minutes the counter reached the 400 shares!


– Bass Cannon (Porter Robinson’s 2 Minute Electro Bootie)
– Some Chords, Hard Intro Ghosts, Machine Gun (Porter Matchup)
– Spitfire (Porter’s Electro Vip_Far Too Loud – Start the Party)
– The Seconds, The Champ, Vandalism, Arguru (Porter Matchup)

Free Download:

[button color=”red” link=”http://www.mediafire.com/?gl55cvddng6vmi2″]Mediafire[/button]

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