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Out Now: Proxy – ‘B-Sides’

DIM MAK presents an explosive package of classic unreleased bombs from Russian Rave-Czar Proxy, ‘B-Sides’ EP. In the wake of the destruction caused by Proxy‘s mammoth double-album debut, MUSIC FROM THE EASTBLOCK JUNGLES, the Russian demiurge returns to scour the ruins for survivors with a cluster of B-Side bunker-bangers.

What strikes small men as excess to me seems necessary. To crush them was not enough. I saw I needed to extinguish all hope,” says Proxy, as he continues his onslaught of live dates around the world. “My challengers had already fallen. Now they have been erased. – PROXY

The tracks will be hauntingly familiar to the ruined cortexes of anyone who’s ever lived through Proxy‘s live show, grantng fans their longtime wish of owning and coming to terms with the source of their neural trauma in digital form.

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