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Mrmilkcarton – ‘The Words EP’

Adrenaline Room Records has a new family member named Mrmilkcarton! And he will release his debut EP “The Words EP” on December 28th, 2012. The EP contains 3 tracks, to be more precise 3 very different tracks. From Tech House to Drum & Bass and Progressive House, it’s all on this EP.

The first track on this release is called ‘Words’ and contains an interesting bassline. The BPM of 102 makes it a bit down-tempo, but great to listen to. Track number 2 is my personal favorite of this release. The track is called ‘Lift’ and combines a peaceful string and piano melody with a Drum & Bass loop. The last track ‘Opaque’ was named after a frustrating experience with a girl not making her feelings clear. Mrmilkcarton turned his frustration into a refreshing progressive track. The BPM of 120 makes it the most danceable track of this EP.

Check out this preview of: Mrmilkcarton – Opaque (Original Mix)

Release Date: Dec. 28th 2012 (Beatport Exclusive)

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