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Moguai – Mpire

Moguai and mau5trap join forces to deliver the exquisite ‘Mpire’ EP — the first single from forthcoming ‘Mpire’ LP.

Moguai has always had a knack for creating intelligent, original and multilayered soundscapes and Mpire is certainly no exception. Captivating, melodic and with driving swells throughout, it epitomizes what the majestic German does best. With a gloriously pounding energy that continues through two completely different, but equally engaging breakdowns, this juggernaut of a release is testament to the fine caliber of the author, and is as good an example as any of a musician at their peak. It’s Moguai’s best yet!

As the mau5trap regular gears up to deliver his insanely hyped artist album — also titled Mpire — on the 30th January, electronica-heads must wait just a little bit longer. With this fresh little piece of Moguai gold to keep us amused in the meantime however, these next two weeks will no doubt fly by. Not long now!


01. Moguai – Smyles
02. Moguai – Mpire
03. Moguai – Dynamo
04. Moguai – Lyme
05. Moguai – Heimaterde
06. Moguai – N.E.O.
07. Moguai – Started
08. Moguai – Deaf by Stereo
09. Moguai – Hush Hush
10. Moguai & Tommy Trash – In N’ Out
11. Moguai feat. Polina – Invisible
12. Moguai – Styrum
13. Moguai & Kosheen – Out of Nowhere

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