Lee Mortimer – Mammoth [Free Download!]

Arno Wesselink 03/10/2012 0
Lee Mortimer – Mammoth [Free Download!]

Now why would you call a track Mammoth? Because the tune is a big, no nonsense beast? Most certainly, because that’s the case. But in Lee Mortimer’s case, he assumed this particular track would become extinct (like the animal) as Lee had a major computer crash in his studio while he was in the midst of producing it.

Luckily, Lee managed to recover the hard drive and bring this rocking gem from the dead. To celebrate this, Lee Mortimer offers Mammoth as a free download and it’s now up for grabs for all of you pounding, no nonsense old school-ish house aficionados!

Early DJ support is in the bag from a.o. Andi Durrant (CapitalFM – UK), Ronski Speed, Meat Katie and Tom Piper.

Download this track for FREE:

Lee Mortimer online:

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