John Dahlbäck Offers New Album ‘Kill The Silence’ For Free!

Yes you are reading it right! Swedish DJ / Producer John Dahlbäck offers you a free copy of his brand new album. The album he is offers you today wasn’t made to rock the clubs al over the world. No, it was made for himself!

“I created this music because I wanted something beautiful I could listen to on the plane, bus or wherever I was. This is not EDM and not for the clubs. This is purely just for listening…and now sharing this with you. – John Dahlbäck”

It is known that Dahlbäck has experimented with a few different styles during his career. From minimal techno, deep house to progressive house. And now John Dahlbäck presents this album Demure – Kill The Silence. This music is released under the pseudonym Demure to not confuse fans of his more EDM productions. And to be honest it’s a good way to highlight this special album.

The album is free to download on Dahlbäck’s Facebook page. But as usual you have to hit the “Like” button to reveal the “Download” button.

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