John Acquaviva is releasing an Official Music Video for “Good Music”

January, 2013 John Acquaviva is releasing again his underground anthem ‘Good Music’ with an official music video. ‘Good Music’ was made together with Alex D’elia, Nihil Young and the Las Vegas based singer Dan Diamond

 John Acquaviva`s Quote: “Dan Diamond wrote these lyrics over 10 years ago and from the first time I heard them they pushed and prodded me into remembering why I love music and respect it so, from making it, consuming it and experiencing it with others at a club. I have always wanted to use them for myself and or the label so was really happy to finally get music to go with them along with Alex D’elia & Nihil Young. Both the original mix and a remix by Stefano Noferini were top 10 for a long time in their genres when first release on Beatport and it has really become anthem for myself as a DJ and Definitive as a label so we just had to do more with it. Dan Diamond moved back to Detroit this past summer and autumn so we got together with another good friend Bill Abbe and filmed this video based on an edit of the original version we made. We got another new remix from our label mate and other great friend and main artist Olivier Giacomotto and are releasing it again in honour of what we feel is a great video for a great song”

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