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Genix Drops Highly Anticipated Album ‘YOU.ME.NOW’ on Anjunabeats

Renowned UK DJ and producer Genix has finally released his highly anticipated second studio album, ‘YOU.ME.NOW’, exclusively on Anjunabeats today. The album is a masterful blend of early rave euphoria and modern production techniques, perfectly capturing the essence of the UK club scene’s current nostalgia for the ’90s rave era.

The album’s concept is deeply rooted in Genix’s fascination with the electronic movement’s rise to fame in the UK during the ’90s. He reflects on the era’s vibrant nightlife, illegal raves, and fashion, marveling at how people came together to share their love for music. This sense of community is what inspired the album’s title, ‘YOU.ME.NOW’, which embodies the idea of embracing the present moment, particularly on the dance floor, surrounded by friends and strangers alike.

Genix’s sophomore effort is a testament to his ability to craft infectious, floor-filling anthems that pay homage to the past while staying true to the present. With its nostalgic yet modern sound, ‘YOU.ME.NOW’ is poised to become a staple in clubs and festivals worldwide.

The album’s release marks a significant moment for Genix, who has been a driving force in the UK’s electronic music scene for years. His passion for the art form is evident throughout the album, as he seamlessly weaves together classic rave elements with contemporary production techniques to create a truly unique listening experience.

‘YOU.ME.NOW’ is now available on Anjunabeats

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