Futuristic Polar Bears – Global Radio Show #93 (Guest: Sonny Wharton)

The Futuristic Polar Bears Show has become somewhat of an institution. Week in, week out these three innovative artists put together a mix to tantalise, invite outstanding guest DJs and open the vaults to upfront promos you’re probably hearing for the very first time!

As we edge into the second month of what is sure to be a huge year for the Futuristic Polar Bears, they’ve called upon another stellar artist to join them in delighting you with aural offerings! Sonny Wharton, label boss at Whartone Records, is a bit of a house legend. Releasing on Skint Records amongst many other labels, playing all over the global and amassing a colossal and faithful fan base puts him up there with the best.

What more could you ask for?!

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