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Backed by over a decade of experience in the Dance music world – Felix Leiter is without a doubt one of the most influential DJs in the North East. Resident at Digital, Newcastle, Felix leads the way every weekend for the flocks of partygoers who fill the super club on a weekly basis. Validated by Cr2 Records, Ministry Of Sound, Spinnin’ Records, Strictly Rhythm, Black Hole Recordings and 3Beat, just to name a few – Felix is a real force to be reckoned with in the studio.

On Saturday 30th June, Felix will be joining Kim Fai at Venus for an unforgettable night of that Bitch fans have come to expect. We spoke to Felix in the run up to Bitch.


Hi Felix, how are you and what are your plans for the week?

Pretty normal week for me, in the studio through followed by a weekend of Dj’ing! All the other promo stuff, making my radio show and searching for new music fits in around that… It’s a great life!

You’ve been involved in Dance music for over a decade; tell us about your endeavours over the years?

I started out as a Dj & promoter when I was 16, I started a night with my best mate called Lucid and we booked people like Seb Fontaine, Danny Rampling, Judge Jules, X-Press 2, Sander Kleinenberg and many more… It was a load of fun, we lost a small fortune along the way, but met some great people and learnt a lot of stuff that is now invaluable to me.

You’re a resident at Digital in Newcastle, what’s your history there?

After moving to Newcastle 6 years ago I was lucky enough to be offered a residency at a new club called Digital, it’s been a huge privilege to be a part of the family for so long and see the club’s global standing rise to such amazing levels! DJ Mag recently gave us 11th best club in the world & best large UK club.

What are your current top three tracks that are doing the damage on the dance floors?

Felix Leiter – Your Future Is Digital
Felix Leiter – Elektriqa
Felix Leiter – Little Man Lion

Sorry, I had to!

For anyone who hasn’t experienced one of your sets, what should they expect?

I’m not a serious heads down kind of DJ, I like to enjoy my sets as much as possible, they’re supposed to be fun right? It’s a nightclub not a fucking library!

Do you have much planned in the near future from a production perspective?

Got a constant flow or originals, re-mixes and bootlegs coming on… People might not realise but from conception to release of a track can sometimes take up to a year, it can be frustrating at times! So expect to hear a shed load more from me in the coming months…

Where’s your favourite club on earth?

Digital. I’m emotionally and contractually obliged to say that!

What’s the most memorable moment of your career?

Dj’ing with Armand Van Helden. He’s one of my inspirations.

What’s your most valuable possession?

I don’t really give a **** about possessions, I live life for experiences, not to sit and look at stuff.

Who’s the nicest guy/girl in Dance music?

I’ve got to give you two guys, The Utah Saints! Tim & Jez literally ARE the nicest men in Dance… Legends, plain and simple.

Finally – a message to the Bitch faithful who you will be entertaining in June?

Bring me a Sambuca and let’s have a dance off!

You can catch Felix alongside Kim Fai and Bitch in Manchester on June 30th!

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