Exclusive Interview with Daniel Kandi & Estiva!

We did an exclusive interview with Daniel Kandi & Estiva, two of the leading lights of the Trance genre! Together they compiled and mixed “Enhanced Sessions vol. 3” wich was released on November 26 2012. We caught up with both DJ/Producers Daniel Kandi & Estiva to speak to them about their recent mix compilation, their biggest successes and more.

Enjoy! 😉


01. Hi Daniel Kandi & Estiva, How are you guys doing?

  • Steven: Hey there, I’m great! These are exciting times for me as there’s a lot of Estiva releases being promoted right now. It’s great to see my tracks getting support by the best, such as Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond and Ferry Corsten!
  • Daniel: I’m fine! Just finished a new tune with a friend, 128bpm bangin’ electrance!

02. Where are you right now?

  • Steven: I’m in my studio, as always. This little space is probably the most important area for me!
  • Daniel: I’m in bed! Gotta rest!

03. On the 26th of November Enhanced Recordings released ‘Enhanced Sessions Volume 3’. How would you describe this compilation?

  • Steven: It’s a showcase of today’s variation in trance. ‘Melody’ is the keyword on this CD.
  • Daniel: Like paella! Rich with a lot of different styles!

04. How did you choose the tracks featured on this compilation?

  • Steven: I asked a lot of my favourite producers if they had anything exclusive for the album. And luckily the labels had some amazing tunes as well. There was such a big pile of quality to choose from but I picked the ones that in my opinion really stood out.
  • Daniel: I got a lot of great demos and then picked the best of them… and boom!

05. What kind of equipment did you use to mix this album?

  • Steven: I have mainly used Ableton and a bit of FL Studio.
  • Daniel: The first rough sketches were in Mixmeister, and I finalized it in Ableton!

06. What is your personal favorite track on Enhanced Sessions vol. 3?

  • Steven: jjoo – Sakura. Perfect blend of emotional melodies and moving beats.
  • Daniel: Insania! It’s such a big tune in the clubs when I play.

07. Who/what inspired you to become a DJ/Producer?

  • Steven: I don’t think I can point something out. It’s just the emotion of hearing music and being able to create it yourself that unleashes. I just like to do what I love and creating music happened to be one of those things to me!
  • Daniel: ATB was one of them. My uncle was the first DJ I knew. So he also had a part in me wanting to become a DJ.

08. How do you prepare your live sets? Are there any rituals you go through?

  • Steven: I often rework the tracks into shorter tracks, I change the arrangement here and there and I add elements to it. I can bring so much more energy and emotion this way. I also love making mashups!
  • Daniel: I seem to burn my music last minute, sometimes even at the club. Lol. It means it’s not at all pre-recorded.

09. What do you see as your biggest success so far?

  • Steven: The appreciation for what I do is something I’m most grateful for.
  • Daniel: Tomorrowland, ASOT400 to 500, some other large gigs as well. But overall just being able to see the world as much as I do!

10. How did you celebrate Christmas this year? And what did Santa have under the Christmas tree?

  • Steven: I gained weight by eating a lot with the family 🙂 I didn’t get much this Christmas. I hope Santa gave my presents to those who need them more. I’m happy enough, I don’t need anything more 🙂
  • Daniel: I spent it with my mom and 5 other people. Quite intimate and chilled this year. No small kids around (thank God!)

11. Do you have any good intentions for the New Year?

  • Steven: Give my absolute best for the thing I love.
  • Daniel: Get fitter and eat healthier!

12.  What can we expect from you in the near future? Do you have anything in the pipeline for 2013?

  • Steven: I’m going to be touring a lot! There’s a few places I’ve never been to before that are now popping up in my tour diary. Production wise it’s going to be busier than ever. We already got two new releases scheduled, ‘Wait Forever’ [OUT NOW] and ‘Smiley Smilesworth’!
  • Daniel: A lot of new tracks with a good friend called Jack Rowan. We just finished a 128bpm electrance tune. It’s massive!

13. The year 2012 has come to an end, what is your favorite track of the past 12 months?

  • Steven: Porter Robinson – Language.
  • Daniel: Too many to mention this year. But Spark7 – Insania is one of them. Also my remix of A&B – Sun In Your Eyes, is massive when I play it out. W&W – Lift Off was the biggest bigroomer for me.

14. What is your favorite holiday destination and what makes it so special?

  • Steven: Italy, the Tuscany area. It’s the most peaceful place I’ve ever visited. I can forget everything there. I love the food and I love to go cycling in the mountains with my race bike. I feel like that place suits me perfectly.
  • Daniel: Australia and New Zealand. I’ve got some good friends there, plus both places have such lovely nature!

15. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

  • Steven: You’re welcome, it was a pleasure!
  • Daniel: No problem!!!
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