EDMupdate is looking for you

At EDMupdate we are always looking for ways to expand, though design, coverage or just more in-depth features. Just recently we updated the website and added a unified, modern platform where people can discuis and share music and more.

Do you love to write reviews, features and share the latest from EDM with the rest of the world?
Then we need you. We can offer you a large audience and a professional high-end website to place your content.

At this moment of time we can only ask to do all of this on a voluntary base, but we hope you can jump over this bump and step aboard with us.

Ready to sign up?

Just mail us at volunteer@edmupdate.com
and we will contact you a.s.a.p.

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Arno Wesselink

Interested in Technology, Business and Photography. Addicted to Electronic Dance Music! - (Contact: arno@edmupdate.com)

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