DJ Mikas Rocks On With Timezone Music Video

Fresh after his recent successful collabs with DJ Sage on Terminal-4 and Black Hole Recordings, DJ Mikas continues to rock the scene with a strong solo single. Timezone is a no-nonsense, big-room trance track which willl yet again pleasantly surprise dance music fans around the World. Timezone starts off with a bassline more gritty than the best dubstep tracks around and quickly progresses with a huge build ending in a pure anthem. This is Mikas’ biggest and most heavy track to date.

For the music video, Mikas was able to use footage from famous Japanese videographer Masaya Kitaguchi, also known as Darwinfish105. The video features impressive timelapse shots from various places in Tokyo.

Timezone will be availble March 5th on Beatport, iTunes, Track It Down, Audiojelly, Juno and every other major retailer.

DJ Mikas has a weekly radio show called TranceClass Radio which available as a podcast on iTunes:

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TranceClass Radio is broadcast every week:
Thursdays on Trance Radio Athens (FM 107.2) 21:00 UTC+2
Thursdays on (Global Channel) 19:00 GMT
Wednesdays on 1Mix Radio 20:00 GMT
Mondays on 16:00 GMT


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