Corsten’s Countdown Summer Special (Live From Dublin, June 2nd)

Last year, the 250th and New Year’s live editions of Corsten’s Countdown spiked Twitter trends, premiered new anthems and transfixed music lovers around the globe. Today, electronic music maven Ferry Corsten reveals the first details of his third extended spectacular. Putting Summer 2013 into high gear, on June 2nd, Ferry moves the action to Europe. He’ll once again provide another track-packed 8-hour epic Corsten’s Countdown transmission sensation! Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTÉ will be hosting the Corsten’s Countdown Summer Special, which will beam out from their Dublin-based studios and be carried around the world.

I’m really excited to start my first ever Corsten’s Countdown summer edition. There is nothing more exciting than hearing your favourite summer tunes while gearing up for this hot and steamy season – Ferry Corsten

So #CCSUMMER, let’s go!

Taking over the SiriusXM airwaves for 8hrs at a time, previous live editions of Corsten’s Countdown have drawn listenerships numbered up in the 100s of 1000s. Most recently, through its thrilling, feature packed action (and often fan-guided musical content), the 2012 New Year’s broadcast trended 3 times on Twitter.

Now, much more is in store! The Summer Special edition of Corsten’s Countdown will be packed to the nines with the hottest tracks, drop-ins from surprise guests, ticket giveaways, track and remix premieres, live interviews (with DJs calling in from around the world) and, of course, in the last hour, the Countdown itself. You name it, #CCSUMMER is going to have it, so put a mark in your calendar for June 2nd now!

Corsten’s Countdown Sunmmer Special video trailer:

As every seasoned Corsten’s Countdown listener knows, each episode gives you the chance to vote up your favourite track of the moment. With the live extended editions though, Corsten’s Countdown goes into interactive overdrive. For the Corsten’s Countdown Summer Special, Ferry not only wants to hear your track requests, but he also wants you to share your favourite summertime memories. If that memory is soundtracked by a piece of music, so much the better – pair the memory with a tune… and share it at! If you’ve got exciting plans for this summer – places you’re going, people you’re seeing – Ferry wants to know. He and RTÉ Pulse co-presenter Mr. Spring will be sharing them throughout the show with hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world.

How do I get involved?
Simple! The Corsten’s Countdown Summer Special micro-site is now open. There you can submit track requests along with video links for them, as well as your favourite sun-season memory and accompanying photos. On June 2nd Ferry will incorporate them into one summer-celebrating radio & online social get-together. Head over to and start getting involved.

Everyone’s invited
Wherever you are in the world, you’re going to be able to catch the action. Alongside RTÉ’s Corsten’s Countdown broadcast, the entire 8 hours will be going out live as part of SiriusXM and Armin van Buuren’s A State of Sundays programming. You can also tune in via one of the 50+ international stations carrying the show, listen in via the portal or via the official Ferry Corsten App (available here:

Get yourself to Ireland!
The only thing better than tuning in… is being there! Corsten’s Countdown Summer Session takes place on the Bank Holiday of June 2nd. It’s going to be a unique start-to-finish, not-to-be-missed F.C. day in the scenic surrounds of the Irish Republic’s capital. Having spun 8hrs at RTÉ’s Pulse studios, he’s moving the party on to the city’s Academy club. There, playing an extended set, Ferry will close out your holiday weekend in the fashion that only Corsten can! So why not make a weekend of it and hit Dublin for the Summer Special!

Corsten’s Countdown Summer Special will raise the temperature of radio waves around the world… Give your sunglasses a wipe and get your #CCSUMMER tunes set. June 2nd’s gonna be a scorcher!

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