Chicane & Ferry Corsten feat. Christian Burns – ‘One Thousand Suns’

Single of the Month – May 2013“, DJ Mag Italia

Last summer, two electronic music legends arrived at the outer limits of anthem status with their first co-production, ‘One Thousand Suns’. Already greater than the sum of its parts, English singer-songwriter extraordinaire Christian Burns now joins Chicane & Ferry Corsten on the track to bring it a whole new dimension. Applying his hyper-infectious, carry-you-away vocals, collectively they’re about to tip One Thousand Suns into supernova.

Joining Bracegirdle and Corsten is Burns and it’s hard to imagine a more alchemic triangle. The heartfelt intonation of Christian’s verses & chorus could trigger an all-out anthem – 9/10 – MIXMAG

Taking the next step for the release, Modena Music is proud to announce the release of the official video for the track. The video chronicles two fugitive lovers’ search for one other across stunning landscapes, visually bringing to life the ebullience of its musical experience. Warm and uplifting, ‘One Thousand Suns’ perfectly embodies Chicane and Ferry trance-tropic sound. Factor in Christian Burns’ evocative vocals, and you have a recipe for a track that’s destined to become one of the coming summer’s biggest floor shakers.

Watch the official video of Chicane & Ferry Corsten Feat. Christian Burns ‘One Thousand Suns’ here: 

Thanks to Christian Burns, by the time you read this, ‘One Thousand Suns’ will likely be everywhere again 8.5/10” – Money Shot, April, 2013, DJ Mag UK

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