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CASPA to release new album ‘Alpha Omega’

In the years since an embryonic dubstep movement first emerged from London’s underground scene, Caspa has remained at the very forefront of a new dawn in bass heavy electronic music. In his multiple roles as DJ, producer, label owner and tastemaker, his influence ripples through a whole generation of music lovers and club goers. Having dedicated a large proportion of his time to championing new, emerging talent, he is now stepping firmly back into the limelight with the release of his long-overdue and eagerly anticipated sophomore album ‘Alpha Omega’, to be released via his own Dub Police label in April.

This album will be the follow-up to his 2009 debut LP ‘Everybody’s Talking, Nobody’s Listening!’ and provide the most decisive musical statement Caspa has made yet. Running through the gamut of sounds and scenes that inspire him with the help of a selection of like-minded contemporaries, those who have pinned him down as simply a dubstep artist will quickly be re-adjusting their viewpoints. As the title indicates, the 15-track album provides a sonic A-Z of Caspa the musician.

Title track ‘Alpha Omega’ sets the scene for what is about to unfold as Caspa rips up any preconceptions with big orchestral strokes, marching drums and tectonic bass shifts. This leads seamlessly into latest single ‘Setting Sun’ featuring the vocals of multi-talented artist Jagga, which carries the baton with its panoramic synthscapes, tribal percussion and sweeping strings, emerging to a euphoric crescendo. Continuing to pile on the pressure, Caspa unleashes ‘War’ featuring Prodigy’s Keith Flint, an incendiary call to arms that tears apart the dubstep blueprint and re-writes it with Caspa’s musical DNA marked all over it.

Up next, ‘Sexy Beast’ continues the rock inflections with its gnarled, chugging basslline before rising talent Dismantle joins him to deliver ‘Techno Terry’. Switching things up, a propulsive 4×4 beat carries a melee of elastic synths on this stripped back club weapon. Dutch hip hop crew Dope D.O.D. make an appearance on ‘Ghost Town’, a deranged hip hop / dubstep hybrid, while ‘Freeze’ unleashes the kind of full throttle bass power with which Caspa’s name has become synonymous.

‘On It’ featuring Atlanta-based hip hop collective Mighty High Coup brings some 808 swagger to proceedings while ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ featuring Geoff Smith showcases a softer side to his productions, its deep piano chords and big drums evoking a pool of hazy hedonistic memories, a thread continued by the cavernous beat and plunging bass of his link up with underground queen Ayah Marar on ‘One By One’.

Broken up by the ‘Phone Dub (Skit)’, Caspa kicks things back into gear with ‘Let The Rush Kick In’ featuring Party Squad, a dub-tinged, carnival dubstep anthem in the making. ‘If They Knew What I Know’’s flighty rave euphoria and propulsive rhythm then flows easily into the break-driven sugar rush of ‘Reach For The Sky’ featuring legendary soul singer Diane Charlemagne, who many will know as the voice of Goldie’s seminal track ‘Inner City Life’. This leaves 2010 single ‘Back For The First Time’ to play out the album on a wave of shimmering, uplifting beauty.

Having spent the years since his last album pushing fresh music and touring to every corner of the globe, ‘Alpha Omega’ brings everything back home, shining a light on the driving force behind all of this. Drawing upon the wide array of sounds that feed into Caspa the artist, the album is a bold move but one that pays dividends.

1. Alpha Omega
2. Setting Sun
3. War ft. Keith Flint
4. Sexy Beast
5. Techno Terry ft. Dismantle
6. Ghost Town ft. Dope D.O.D.
7. Freeze
8. On It ft. Mighty High Coup
9. Smoke & Mirrors ft. Geoff Smith
10. One By One ft. Ayah Marar
11. Phone Dub (Skit)
12. Let The Rush Kick In ft. Party Squad
13. If They Knew What I Know
14. Reach For The Sky ft. Diane Charlemagne
15. Back For The First Time

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