Ashley Wallbridge – Zorro

Arno Wesselink 24/05/2012 0
Ashley Wallbridge – Zorro

One of EDM’s hottest releases of 2012, has to be Ashley Wallbridge’s debut album. One of the offshoots from ‘The Inner Me’, is the contagious, summer-spirited ‘Zorro’. A brilliant, melodic piece of summer.

As one of the 17 jewels from his ‘The Inner Me’ album, Ashley Wallbridge couldn’t have picked a more fitting tune to lure the sun to come out. It’s riding that Wallbridge trick, with a clean and simple but highly effective melody.

A solid build-up, catchy bass and soundscape that lies in the midst of trance and progressive. ‘Zorro’ is all geared up for the summer season to kick in.


  1. Zorro (Club Mix) (06:34)
  2. Zorro (Album Mix) (05:49)

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