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Arno Motz – Two Keys Colombian

Once again we are proud to present a new talent to our label. This time it’s up to Arno Motz. This talented electronic music producer from The Netherlands delivers a huge electro house BOMB. With a massive progressive melody in the break and working towards that all familiar hands in the air moment. The track climaxes with a banging electro beat.

This release is filled with various remixes by really different producers. From techno to a more progressive sound, you can find it all in this package.

Mickey C Remix
We didn’t thought it was possible, but Mickey C made the original even bigger! With the same strong melody as in the original break and an even bigger synth on top of it, this remix gives you that ‘Swedish’ house feeling. This sound will do great on every dance-floor!

Ferry G Remix
As always, Ferry G delivered once again a great remix. This time in a more ‘Dutch’ sound. He keeps the original melody but puts it in a fresh new sound. At the climax your will hear that famous ‘Dutch’ sound that will be loved by every crowd! Like always we are very happy with the remix done by Ferry.

Kuhlschrank Remix
For the more underground and techno minded people we have a great remix. This duo, based in Amsterdam, made a steady and more darker remix. They used barely sounds from the original track, but you still hear it’s a remix in a completely different way. A strong arrangement filled with spacey sounds and a heavy raw bassline.

Guitar Hero (Original Mix)
With an extra track on this EP called ‘Guitar Hero, Arno shows an other side of his productions skills. This track got a more pop feeling in it. Nice electronic guitar sounds combined with a strong bassline and a arrangement filled with crazy trick edits.

Guitar Hero (Dubstep Remix)
The same track but in a complete different way! With crazy wobble sounds and nice dubstep rhythm in it, this one will work great on every dub loving dance-floor.

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Via Visionair Records

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