Arjonas & Chris Jones – Love Comes In Colours.

Painting with the sounds of melodic prog-trance and the rough-edged voice of Chris Jones, is Brazilian producer Arjonas. Together, they present ‘Love Comes In Colours’!

Hot from his Sao Paulo studio, young talent Arjonas sets forth a warm, sensitive anthem. Delicate waves of melody rush in, carrying the characteristic voice of no one less than mister ‘Going Wrong’, Chris Jones. ‘Love Comes In Colours’ is a track that slowly, but steady, crawls under your skin. In both the original and acoustic mix.

If you’re in need of a tasty electro push, try the Dyro remix. He rocked this one to an absolute crowd-pleaser!

1. Love Comes In Colours (Extended Mix)
2. Love Comes In Colours (Dyro Dub Mix)
3. Love Comes In Colours (Dyro Remix)
4. Love Comes In Colours (Radio Edit)
5. Love Comes In Colours (Acoustic Mix)

Video directed by: Emiliano Kore
Produced by: Drico Mello

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